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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nursery Crib Bedding Ideas

Deciding on what theme you want to decorate your baby nursery can be a really frustrating experience ~ even though you have high hopes and expectations it will be just the opposite.

So how do you take all the stress out of what should be a pleasant decorating project?

One of the first things you should really consider when planning your baby nursery is do you want a character themed room or do you want something that incorporates your taste and personality like the rest of your rooms. Once you decide on that you've just wiped out some of the frustrations you will have when looking for the perfect crib bedding.

Character themed nurseries have been a traditional standard for many, many years but today's new parents are going with a more modern approach where the bedding for the baby nursery is not so ~ well, for a lack of a better word, "babyish". Instead they are using bedding where the patterns are mixed; dots with stripes and solids (as an example). The furnishings in the room: the crib, changing station, musical crib mobile will bring in the nursery feel as well as other decor items like wall decor, stuffed animals etc.

A big plus in using crib bedding which is not character themed is it will grow with your child. Once your baby is out of his/her crib the blanket and other decor can be used as a toddler's or kids room with only a few additions to match the needs of your child. This in itself is a money saving solution!

While this is only one idea to reduce stress and tension associated with decorating your baby's nursery you will be amazed at just how much can be eliminated when you have an idea of what you want. A little bit of planning into the future will also reduce the stress that can arrive of having to redecorate once your baby no longer needs a crib.

More nursery bedding ideas can be found here. If you have any other ideas on baby bedding or what you found most helpful please comment and share.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Cribs just found out you are expecting?! Congratulations!! So much excitement is about to unfold and if you are a first time parent you start reading all kinds of magazines, books and looking at everything baby. When I was pregnant with my first child I instantly started looking at the baby bedding, furniture, deciding what color I wanted the room and everything piece of clothing was "just too cute".

We decided to purchase a solid wood crib; one that would convert to a full size bed so that I wasn't purchasing a crib, toddler bed and another bed. Good thing too, because as you will hear they grow up fast!!
It seemed like I was lowering the crib every other week and before long I had to convert it to a toddler/daybed because my escape artists were trying to climb out about 20 minutes after I put them in bed.

When you are deciding on a baby crib think about if you want just a crib or one that can convert to a full size bed. Many new parents opt to buy just a crib and deal with purchasing another bed when the time comes for a new one; while other parents, like me, decide to get the most and buy a bed that will last a long time. Once you decide what kind of baby crib you will have other choices such as color and material.

When choosing baby furniture and decor you may want to consider what theme you will be using for the nursery. This may not seem too important but many parents purchase baby bedding for the nursery before deciding on a crib only to find they do not like how the bedding looks with the crib itself. Since the furniture will outlast the nursery theme it is a good idea to choose quality furniture that is safe before selecting your nursery theme. One last suggestion I have is once you find the crib you desire see if it has matching furniture pieces such as a dresser or changing table for a pulled together look. This is even more important if you are purchasing a convertible crib as you will definitely need matching furniture pieces in the near future. If the crib does not have other pieces, look around to see if you can find other necessary pieces of furniture that will coordinate with crib.

Finding out you are expecting is a very exciting time and doing a bit of planning will save you a lot of disappointment and anxiety.

Kids Craft Table

As a parent of two young girls I know how difficult it is to find decor for children that looks good, is functional and safe! I only wish I had found this a few years ago before purchasing two tables.
One of the features I like best is the design, it's far from the ordinary and kids love it, they will want to do crafts, color, draw, read and eat their meals there. You might have a hard time getting them away from this table. The craft table is large enough for a couple toddlers and parents like that there is enough room for both without fighting. If you are looking for something for their bedroom you may like the child's desk which features the same design and a great color choices to coordinate with their decor.

Priced at just under $120.00 the craft table will last for years and bring hours of enjoyment and keep your children from drawing on your coffee table, kitchen table or dining room table.